Cannon W After
Cannon W After
Cannon W After
Cannon W After
Cannon W After

Cannon W After

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The CANNON with the wind in its sails!

100% vegan, ultra-light and comfortable.

Made from recycled and bio-sourced materials.
Inspired by the designs of After Essentials!
      • x3 recycled plastic bottles to make 40% of the upper of the shoe
      • Insole: 100% natural cork and natural seaweed for a soft, flexible insole that takes the shape of your foot.
      • Outsole: natural algae (20%) in your outsoles, in direct contact with the ground
        • 42L of water free of invasive algae per pair (BloomFoam tech)
        • 27m3 of CO2 not released into the atmosphere per pair (BloomFoam tech)
      • 100% organic cotton for strong and responsible laces
      • So light that you'll feel like you're wearing nothing. Only 200g per foot
      • Ultra-comfortable, you won't want to take them off
      • Sick breathability . Say goodbye to bad smells!
      • Removable insole if you have your own soles
      • Removing BloomFoam Cork and Algae Insole
      • By machine: wash at 30°C, cold
      • By hand: sponge and Marseille soap
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        • Manufacturing in Vietnam in workshops with an established ethical and environmental charter. In the process of BSCI certification!
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